Active FX Not Worth It

Had this done after Xmas last year. I am now 51....

Had this done after Xmas last year. I am now 51. The procedure was not painful at all. Nor was there any discomfort or much peeling afterward.

I did this to tighten my skin. However, the results were minimal at best, with no results on the lower portion of my face. (jowls, lines between nose and mouth, lines beside mouth...)  More than a month later, there still has been no change. There was no reduction in mild acne scarring from my teenage years. 

I would not recommend Active FX. The office and staff were great, but the procedure was ineffective.

There was no pain and little scarring but before the procedure the doctor told me I would get some results all over face, including lower face. After, he said it would be mostly around my eyes. I would not have had the procedure for a slight, very slight difference under my eyes, no change at all on lower face.

I was told that collagen doesn't regenerate for up to 6 months. Did you wait 6 months after the operation before posting your results?
Wow... if you did not peel, and I mean SEVERELY PEEL.... your doctor did not do something right. That is what this procedure does...peel layers and layers off your skin. You should have been peeling for at least 4 days. Been red for over 3 weeks or MORE> This is exactly what I was eluding to in my post... there is no regulation in this industry, and we are spending huge amounts of money on procedures that are questionable at best. I am lucky to have found a doctor who is willing to work with me until I am happy with the results. I am going back next week to do the Pigment FX, at his expense. I still have pigmentation issues. His staff is wonderful. We'll see if this helps. I still dont think I would recommend this procedure. I cant say that I see any significant improvements in my skin. I just can't believe that after all that peeling.... I would not see a major difference. Maybe the damage is just too deep.
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