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This is Not a Facial, Its a Serious Procedure, That Requires Education and Planning.

I had procedure last December, when I was 56 on...

I had procedure last December, when I was 56 on the outside, and 20 something in spirit. I read all available information, and went in with realistic expections (mostly). Not expecting (although wanting) to airbrush the lines, wrinkles, and brown spots away, plus hoping to "shrink wrap" all sagging and turkey neck. Or, to "just look better, and not so tired".

I feel my realistic goals were achieved..took three weeks off work to recover from the shedding, and give the redness time to diminish. People at work said I looked great, and must have had a really great vacation...there is some residual swelling that does take time to subside, so my initial euphoria about all wrinkles around the lips going away, has been re-set to a realistic appraisal that there actually has been some filling in, filling out from underneath the surface. Overall skin tone is evened out and looks smooth.

I had an excellent Dr who knew what he was doing, carefully, cautiously.

I look forward to renewing the Active Fx either next year, or maybe two..we'll see how things look in Dec 09. This is not a facial, its a serious procedure that requires careful planning, consultation with your chosen MD regarding meds for pain management, and expectations, and time to recover. I had a very positive experience and look forward to even better technology..


I am to get ActiveFX in a week.I notice you said you took three weeks off from work, and the redness persisted. Including weekends, I will have to go back to work 12 days after the procedure. Is that reasonable? The doctor implied less than a week downtime, yet I do hear many people need more recovery time than a week. Also, do you recommend anything I should/should not do a week before the procedure to optimize the results? PS How does you skin look now?
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Elective procedure through Kaiser

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