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Active FX was a wonderful wrinkle treatment! Loved the Results - Lafayette, CO

Active FX was a wonderful wrinkle treatment! I...

Active FX was a wonderful wrinkle treatment! I have seen significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles especially around my eyes and lips. The texture of my skin is so soft , I no longer feel the need to wear foundation. I will be 60 years old soon and I feel this procedure did wonders for my skin ,both in looks and overall health and texture


I don't want to insult you, but I am wondering if this is a real review? It sounds a little contrived compared to all the other posts I've read. Almost like marketing material for the procedure... If it is real, I do apologize and would love to see a before and after picture. The reason I ask is because I live close to Lafayette, Colorado and am researching the doctors in my area who offer this procedure. Thanks.
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Any updates?
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Thank you for sharing this. I am going to {edited - provider information is located above the original review} as well in few weeks.
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Dr. Steve Zakany at Aesthetic Solutions

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