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I just had the procedure done today and since I'm...

I just had the procedure done today and since I'm confining myself to the house for four days I will update this regularly. I had the procedure done at 6:00 tonight (9/4/08). It was entirely painless for me. The doctor put a numbing ointment on my face but gave me no pain killers or anything. What I felt was more of a vibration than any pain so I'm pretty happy. It's now 7:20 and I'm feeling the ointment wearing off and now feel a mild sun-burned feeling. I will update as I recover. I should say that I had this 3 years ago and at first I wasn't happy with the results- didn't see anything- BUT after a couple of months I remember looking in the mirror thinking I looked kinda good : ) This time I only had my face done (hence the low price tag) My doctor doesn't like to do face,neck,and chest at the same time- he said it's harder for the skin to recover. I may have my neck and chest done but I'll have to monitor the results of this treatment. Stay tuned!

I tried to update this 24 hrs. after but...

I tried to update this 24 hrs. after but it didn't take.  So.... day 24 hours:  was a little swollen, still painfree, would not have wanted to go to work.

Day 48 hours (now- sep. 6)  I woke up a little more swollen and my eyes were red and weepy but I may have gotten some Aquaphon in there (by the way that's what they give you to keep moisturized- it's like vaseline but less petroleum).  eye problem gone after waking. I became really itchy this afternoon but a face washing seemed to help.  I think I could almost go into work today with good foundation but don't plan on trying.  We'll see what tomorrow brings

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I had it done by same doc several weeks ago and feel it was a waste of money. Very little to no improvement. I feel foolish to have fallen for the promise.
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Have you seen an improvement yet? I had it done about two months ago... no improvement either. I've heard that Titan may have been a better choice. I am not sure though.
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what happened next??
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i am planning on having active fx done by this dr.do you think the procedure had good results for you. were you happy with your dr.? any info you can give me would be very much appreciated.
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