Nobody Mentioned the Impact on the Eyes but Love the Results on the Skin

I am only on Day 2 after my Active FX procedure,...

I am only on Day 2 after my Active FX procedure, but today is the first day I can actually focus on print and keep my eyes open for more than a few minutes. The shield that wes placed under my left eyelid scratched the cornea and caused much discomfort. The Tetracaine topical anesthestic apparently caused both pupils to remain dilated for 48 hrs. My skin appears to be healing fine, and I have no real pain. I have no idea what the final results will be. The pain during the procedure as well as the unintended side effects are enough to deter me from having this done as extensively (forehead to clavicle) again.

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I am now on Day 5 and ready to go out in public...

I am now on Day 5 and ready to go out in public.  I am very pleased with the results of the peel, but my scratched cornea continues to bother me.  There has been no other pain except  during the procedure, but this was considerable.   I should mention that I am over 60 and had a fairly deep treatment from forehead to clavicle.  I would consider another more limited ActiveFX treatment sometime in the future but would definitely not go onto the eyelids.  I consider this procedure to be a good, albeit temporary, solution to an actual facelift with much less down time.


I want to emphasize that the reason for the corneal scratch was because the lens shield placed in my eye to protect it from the laser caught a stitch from previous cataract surgery. It was not the dr.'s fault per se. I went to a plastic surgeon (Dr. Ron Hollins) and would recommend this procedure to others. The effects have held well, in my opinion.
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May I ask which doctor you went to? I live in Omaha too, and I'm looking into this for a spot treatment for a depressed scar a dermatologist left on my face when he removed a tiny spider vein with a hyfrecator.
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