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I had the active fx laser done all over my face. I...

I had the active fx laser done all over my face. I am 35 years old and only had wrinkles underneath my eyes. Immediately after the treatment, I saw that the skin underneath my right eye looked much smoother than the skin underneath my left eye, even with all the swelling. It seemed much redder on the right side and it also took much longer to heal than my left side. Now my the skin under my right eye looks perfectly wrinkle free but the skin underneath my left eye has the same old deep wrinkle as it had before the treatment. I saw that the wrinkle was still there immediately after the treatment and that the skin wasn't nearly as red as on the other side, where it looked much smoother. I am very dissapointed. I wish I could get my left eye touched up again right away but not sure if that is possible.

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I had the procedure done in June and I am very pleased with the results. Skin is smoother, tighter...highly recommend the procedure.
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I have been monitoring this blog for many,many months. The main issue is quite evident: Satisfactory results are based on the skills of the technician using the equipment. Certifications of an MD,etc. just are NO guarantee of acceptable results. Laser procedures continue to remain expensive and risky 95% of auto repair shops will make every attempt to make the customer satisfied with their work. These MD's who refuse to do the same following a procedure, should be arrested!
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