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Active FX Big Mistake

I had Active FX done about ten months ago. I did...

I had Active FX done about ten months ago. I did it to tighten my skin and get rid of age spots (I'm 58). It did absolutely nothing! The age spots were lighter for a few months, but they all came back and multiplied (even though I did not go out in the sun, wore sun block every day, etc).
I went to the Doc last week and they took before and after photos. I looked better before (seriously). The Doc admitted he did not see a difference and asked me if I smoked (which of course I do not)!

This was a total waste of time and money! Don't do it!

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The doctor was honest about not seeing any results.

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Barrie, I had something similar happen to me. Different laser treatments, but same type of outcome. The skin near my nose on both of my cheeks have very inlarged pores and my skin looks very crepey now. My pores on my cheeks are more visible now like the surgeon went too deep and my skin seems like it is almost scarred also. I am only 30 years old and my husband said that the procedure has aged me. (not what I wanted at all.)
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I forgot to ask my question, how is your skin now, has it gotten any better? Have you gotten any other opinions on it or done anything that has helped your skin since? Thanks.
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I did it exactly six months ago because I wanted to get rid of eye crepe. I used to get compliments on my skin. Since I have done it not one. I think my pores are larger and looks like my skin is thinner.
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