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Skin looks younger and fewer lines and better...

Skin looks younger and fewer lines and better elasticity. I was completely happy with my doctor and the treatment. I healed in exactly 3 days.

It's important to use good aftercare and to protect your skin in general. I think people who have never taken good care of their skin and have poor diets (nutrition) have inferior results. It's about taking good care of your self and doing healthy things.

I went for a second treatment with a higher fluence. The results are gradual, but you can tell a difference. Also, it helps to use a retinoid like Tazorac or Retin-A. It's important to go to someone who is really experienced with Active FX.

Hi Joedude99, Thank you for sharing your story. Could you please give an update, about the final results. Are you still very happy with the results ?
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Can you give me the contact details of your dermatologist??
Glenn de Bias

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