Acoustic Wave Therapy Worked for Me!

I had stubborn areas of Cellulite for many years,...

I had stubborn areas of Cellulite for many years, I had tried many creams and did not see many results so I decided to try some other types or treatment. I tried endermology, it was too pinchy and I had to put on a tight garment. I only tried 2 treatments and was told to try Acoustic treatments.

I received 9 Acoustic Wave therapy treatments 3 times per week for 3 weeks, the results were great, smoother skin , less cellulite more firmness. I highly recommend trying it!

I agree with u piperbaby.
I had 15 treatments with AWT tharapy and it is sure worth the money. I weas told that there are this much treatments neccecairy to get results! So i think the dissapointed people are not treated enough. I tried everything and this works the best for me!
Sorry, but this so sounds like a plug from someone who sells the stuff.
Dr Finucan

It was worth it!

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