No Results Whatsoever, May Even Have Made Cellulite Worse

I had the recommeded 6 treatments, 3 treatments...

I had the recommeded 6 treatments, 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks. They told me I shouldn't go more than a few days between treatments for best results. The problem was that I live an hour away from the medspa where I had the treatments but I drove faithfully to every appointment, did what I was told to do (drink tons of water, exercise) and I saw absolutely no difference at all at the end of the treatments. Nor did I experience any benefits later on as I was told. I had this treatment done about a year ago and my cellulite actually looks much worse despite the fact that I work out 5 to 6 days a week, am in my appropriate weight and body fat range. Don't waste your money.

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To the poster in Gallatin, TN. Can you tell me where you went for the AWT-the name of the medi spa? I can not find a supplier in Tennessee and I really want this therapy done. Thank you for any help.
I'm a Doctor's assistant at an Acoustic Wave Therapy clinic. The Dr. is the one who actually gives the treatment (not a technician). He is a Medical Doctor and has studied this machine intensively. We have had at least 100 patients and each one of them is so happy with treatment. They love it. i have seen each one of their befor eand sfter pictures and it is a HUGE difference!
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