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No Results Whatsoever, May Even Have Made Cellulite Worse

I had the recommeded 6 treatments, 3 treatments...

I had the recommeded 6 treatments, 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks. They told me I shouldn't go more than a few days between treatments for best results. The problem was that I live an hour away from the medspa where I had the treatments but I drove faithfully to every appointment, did what I was told to do (drink tons of water, exercise) and I saw absolutely no difference at all at the end of the treatments. Nor did I experience any benefits later on as I was told. I had this treatment done about a year ago and my cellulite actually looks much worse despite the fact that I work out 5 to 6 days a week, am in my appropriate weight and body fat range. Don't waste your money.

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To the poster in Gallatin, TN. Can you tell me where you went for the AWT-the name of the medi spa? I can not find a supplier in Tennessee and I really want this therapy done. Thank you for any help.
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I'm a Doctor's assistant at an Acoustic Wave Therapy clinic. The Dr. is the one who actually gives the treatment (not a technician). He is a Medical Doctor and has studied this machine intensively. We have had at least 100 patients and each one of them is so happy with treatment. They love it. i have seen each one of their befor eand sfter pictures and it is a HUGE difference!
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I am an Esthetician in a Physician's office. We own the AWT machine and three of us were trained by four different people from MedSurge on the "proper" use of the machine. All four trainers taught us slightly different techniques. We NEVER got any results with anyone we treated. The machine was a waste of our money and a waste of the patients money and time that we promoted it to. It was a huge dissapointment and we are still searching for a Cellulite treatment that actually provides the results we are all looking for.
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