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I have soft acne problems in my face, my skin is...

I have soft acne problems in my face, my skin is very sensitive , my biggest problem is blackheads , the T zone is oliy but the the rest of my face is has only blackheads but its kind of unhydrated. i want to make a laser treatment. i also have acne scars on my back the are not deep. so i wonder what should i do too remove this marks. how many treatments do i need and what kind of treatment is best for me?
I think you should go for 2-3 Fraxel Restores, plus vitamin C serum and yearly microdermabrasions to help with pore size. You will be amazed how to taking care of your skin helps it to regenerate ;-)
I am 62 years old and have tried EVERYTHING for acne scars. The only thing that has worked is Dermarolling on my face but I also had acne scars on my back that I could not dermaroll. I went to a physician in New York that specializes in silicon injections. He has been doing it for over 30 years. Silicon is permanent so u must go to someone who specializes in this procedure. I no longer have scars on my back.

Thanks for sharing, how long have you had acne for? 

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