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I never ever thought that i could get rid  of...

I never ever thought that i could get rid  of my awful acne scars. I had too many of them and i had started to hate the way i look. I must have tried every possible cream and treatment, all those shown on tv with celebrities endorsing them but nothing worked. Ofcourse i tried proactiv, which has helped me by stopping acne break outs now, but the scars that past break outs have left me , nothing worked to lighten them. I then heard about Microdremabrasion from a friend. I have not seen how she looks as she lives far away, but what i heard from her over the phone and what pics i saw of her were quite convincing. I just had a hard time believing that this treatment was so cheap.

The low cost made me feel that it might be a scam. But i was wrong. Microdermabrasion has removed my acne scars and though i don't read many good reviews about it, maybe i am an exception because the procedure has worked on me. My pores have cleaned out and there is this freshness about my skin and i also see no break outs now after 4 months. I had it done twice, with a gap of two weeks and saw great results.

My skin was first cleansed and then sandblasted to remove all the infection that must have been causing acne. Then i was cleansed again and a lotion and some sunscreen was applied. My skin looked sunburnt after that for a few days. The pain was more than bearable although it burnt a bit around the eyes. I avoided sun exposure for a month after that. Now after a few months, i dont see acne coming back and more importantly, i see the acne marks have reduced to a bare minimum which is amazing. It took a few weeks for the result to show but it was worth the wait.

well I know why microdermabrasion worked on you. You must be very young. So your acne scars are recent. It's like fraxel restore only works on recent scars.
i have a burnt scar on my face since i was 2yrs old...well its not that serious but i just wanted to know what type of treatment should i go through..micro, plastic surgery, lasar...please can you give me a good advise..
Just spot treat the area with fraxil. It's not expensive if you don't treat large amounts of skin. Trust me it will go away.
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