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Hi - I just had my first trtmt today. I had the...

Hi - I just had my first trtmt today. I had the clear gel and the fan blower (doctor held it). The most pain for me was around my eyes and jawbone. Cheeks, lip and chin were not painful. They gave me two prednazones (I have to take them for 2 more days), 2 pain pills and follow for a week's worth of an antibiotic. I looked in the mirror at about 4pm when he finished and I started to freak and get teary b/c i was so swollen. The nurse told me not to look and just start icing immediately. I left the office by 430 and the swelling had already gone down significantly. It's now 8:15, I am still a little swollen and just now starting to turn pink. My face is still numb but it feels warm. I asked the doc on a scale of 1-10 how bad he thought my scars were (was on accutane 12 years ago), he told me I was approaching a 5. Nobody else thinks they are bad though. I just don't have porcelain skin. Update: It has been 3 weeks and my skin is back to normal. All the swelling subsided by day 10. I don't see any improvement. In fact, ever since the treatment, I have had terrible break outs. I have tried 2 dift topicals and now they finally put me on an oral anti-biotic. It's better but not great. I am going to move ahead w/this b/c I really want to but I will insist on an oral med for the duration of the treatment sessions. Walking around with break-outs is far worse than a few scars.
Would you please give us an update? I've just had one fraxel done two weeks ago and hesitant to continue wit the next after reading a few negative reviews. Thanks!
I was wondering if you have kept up the treatment and have you noticed any improvement.
I just had my 3rd treatment yesterday. The healing after treatment 2 was significantly easier. I used neosporin to get rid of the mini blisters. This time, last night after icing I put some on and woke up with about 7 around my mouth area vs 50 from the last time. I am VERY swollen again and the brown dots have appeared this am. There should be less flaking and it should happen sooner. The procedure hurts - well, me anyway. I did not have him touch my eyelids this time. I just could not bear it. I will take a percocet next time for sure. I have noticed my freckles have lightened or disappeared. So far, that's it. I don't see any significants improvements yet although I do stare at my skin more than normal these days so maybe I don't see anything dramatic. I haven't gotten any comments from friends either. He has been very clear (I go to a pretty famous NYC derma/laser doc), it takes at least 3 months for the collagen to start to build so you won't see anything for a few months. I have invested about $3200 so far and will see it through to the end.
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