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Accutane is Fantastic for Fixing Persistent Adult Acne

I'd had persistent mild to moderate acne since...

I'd had persistent mild to moderate acne since being a teenager up until my late twenties. Then about 8 years ago I read about Accutane and talked to my GP about it. He put me on a several month treatment program. It solved my persistent acne problem completely. I have not had any acne other than maybe one or two minor spots each year ever since. It really was a miracle treatment for me. It did try out my skin a fair bit while I was taking it, also my nose, but nothing that couldn't be resolved with frequent application of moisturizing cream. If you have persistent acne (and not necessarily just the really severe kind), consider giving Accutane a go.

Re price paid, I was able to get this treatment...

Re price paid, I was able to get this treatment from my GP, covered under my health plan from my employer. So I only had to pay the co-pay amount for the drugs, which made it a really good deal, very much worth it, especially as the results were so positive.

what dosage were you at, and did you experience headaches? if yes how bad were they?
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