Accutane and Lasers

The experience I've had with lasers in the past...

The experience I've had with lasers in the past has been good. I am just worried that because of accutane it may be different now.

I had taken accutane for a period of three weeks and discontinued the use because of severity of it. I have been off of it for three weeks. I have a scar above my lip that has been resurfaced by lasers a total of three times last year. My doctor did it again this week and I realized that accutane enables the healing process and I am worried that it may have burned me. I am a little red but i was wondering if its safe to say that I will heal normally?

I'm sure it will be ok but with that said every doctor knows that if a patient has been on accutane they should wait at least 6 months before preforming any kind of laser surgery.
Carol Cope

She is very good at what she does and understanding. She also isn't just trying to make money off of you. She charged me $70.00 for four laser treatments and I was satisfied each time. My only concern is that the accutane may have caused the laser to burn me.

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