Accidental Hair Singed During Photofacial for Sun Spots & Broken Capillaries

The photofacial has been great. I noticed dramtic...

The photofacial has been great. I noticed dramtic results quickly after the first session. I noticed an eye floater after the session, which has not gone away. I went to my eye doctor but he said the two are not related.

I did the photofacial because I am 34 and have many sun spots and a few broken capillaries.

I had a photofacial yesterday and some hair around my hairline was singed or burned. This did not occur during my first photofacial. I have fair skin and blond, fine hair. Will this hair grow back?


hi i had a photo facial and have many eye floaters in one eye now. they appeared the day after the procedure. i have been to 3 eye doctors and they claim it is not related, but, i know it is. i've never had floaters before and the laser was positioned near this eye only. sudie
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