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I had my first treatment with the Accent XL on...

I had my first treatment with the Accent XL on Wednesday of this week (i signed up for a series of 5) on my front thighs. The experience was pleasant, and so far so good.

I have done a lot of research and I believe the success of the treatment has more to do with your expectations, and the doctor performing the treatment. My doctor started with the Alma company (the company that makes the machine) and now trains other doctors around the country and performs the treatment in two offices in my area.

I will continue to post throughout my treatment.

I just had my second Accent treatment this morning...

I just had my second Accent treatment this morning and it went well. No side effects, no pain. I did take photos this time, and will post the before and after when I am finished with my treatment. Overall, i would reccommend this treatment so far. Final results will be in May and will repost then.

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can you please let us know if you were happy with the treatment when you completed all 5 treatments.
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Can you tell me the name of your doctor? Encino isn't far from me, and your doctor sounds like a primo expert with the Alma!
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Hi Sherri, Just saw this discussion for the first time, it was our office. Unfortunately, we are no longer using Accent XL, we are using Ulthera for tightening and lifting of the face, and we are investigating Venus Freeze at our office presently for non-invasive skin tightening on the body. So far our patients are thrilled! Best, Michael Persky, MD, FACS Encino, CA
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I had my 3rd treatment one week ago and still seeing positive results. I am scheduled for a total of 5 treatments.
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Hi I was just wondering if you got good results with accent xl and also if you could tell me who your doctor is. thank you so much.
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Please can you tell me the name of your doctor?
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