Definitely Not Worth It, No Results, Waste of Money, and Side Effects - Hinsdale, IL

I had 6 treatments, one every other week, on the...

I had 6 treatments, one every other week, on the stomach/abdomen area. I am thin, but wanted the skin on my stomach to be tighter. I started the treatments in March and ended in May. I saw NO change then and it is now January, and there are no results.

Ever since I started getting the treatments, I have had trouble sleeping and I get extremely hot throughout the night and the skin on my stomach is on fire.

This is a complete waste of money.

Dr. Leon Tcheupdjian

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If a person does the detox, follows proper procedures, and is only slightly overweight but wants to reduce
love handles and waist, it seems as though the process would and should work. How do they stay in business otherwise.
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Absolutely loved the Accent. I had my face and neck done as well as my lower stomach. Great results on both areas. It has taken 5 years off my face. My lower stomach is firmer and tighter. Money well spent and I will be going in for maintenance so I can maintain the great results!!
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