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I just had my first treatment on the back of my...

I just had my first treatment on the back of my thighs of a six treatment package that I bought last week.  Afterward I developed a bizarre, huge bruise and a rash.  I haven't noticed any improvement in my cellulite yet.  I'm so mad at myself for having bought a package because I don't know if I want to try another treatment.

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I also have no idea why it's so expensive...

I also have no idea why it's so expensive.  It took about 20 minutes of a very unskilled worker moving a want over the back of my thighs.  I'll come back and update this review if and when I get the future treatments.  I have one scheduled for Jan 2008. 


Hi...have you ever tried Bellabaci cupping, it takes abt 10 mins a do it yourself , and can see results in 10 days ....its quick cheap and works....check out their page it bellabaci....let me know if you use it :)
From one dimply cellulite victim to another...xxxx
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A 20 minute treatment for a large area of the butt and thigh is not long enough. That is probably why you have not seen results.
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Sleek Med Spa Boston

I felt very pressured into the sale. The staff is nice and friendly but I feel sold.

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