Accent XL for Cellulite Terrible Bad Experience - Miami, FL

I tried the Accent XL treatment back in Nov 2007...

I tried the Accent XL treatment back in Nov 2007 and it made my cellulite problem worse. I don’t have much fat. I exercise a lot and I’m fit; however, as thousands of women out there, I had some cellulite in my Butt Hip & Thigh area.

I decided to try the Accent XL treatment. I had 8 sessions (US $ 3,200) and my problem got more noticeable. I started getting big dimples in the area of the treatment and they were very marked and deep hollows. I spoke with the technician and the doctor and I was told that the treatment doesn’t work immediately. It takes time to rebuild the collagen and make the skin better. 1 year and 3 months later, I’m still waiting.

I really regret having Accent XL treatment not just because the waste of money but because it made my cellulite problem more noticeable. It looks like the machine vanished pieces of tissue with its radiofrequency.

DO NOT USE!!! It cost over $3000 to totally wrinkle my skin is all crepey. It brought on premature wrinkling!!!
/thank you ALL for sharing that. I am now very confused. Do you think it has to do with the technician or is it bad alltogether? I thought that radio freq can't be a good thing!?
I'm not sure if it had to do with the technician. I'd take the risk even if I get it for free from a different technician

Don’t even give the machine a try. Save your time, money and your skin!

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