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I had a total of 6 treatments on both my face and...

I had a total of 6 treatments on both my face and back of my thighs. I was blown away with results after my 3rd treatment. I could really see my legs smoothing out and they felt amazingly tighter. In regards to my face, it will never replace my Botox treatments, but my nasolabial folds reduced by more than 60%!! I even decided that I could skip the filler for another couple of years!! The treatments were not painful at all and I often fell asleep during my leg sessions. I, without a doubt, will keep up maintenance appointments and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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Thanks for the feedback on this. As it turned out, though, I went with tumescent lipo instead, in the jowls/chin area and tummy as well, a couple of months ago. I won't see my final results for another 4 months or so, but already I'm VERY pleased.
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I had a package of 6 treatments on my rear and thighs and 6 treatments on my face and neck. I believe I spaced them out every 3 weeks or so. The total cost for everything was around $3000, I was given a nice discount for signing up for another package. Go in and talk to the ladies at New Visage...they'll let you know if you're a good candidate. Very honest there. You'll love your results! good luck.
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How many treatments did you have to have, and what was the total cost? I'm debating.
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