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A Waste of Time and Money

I have had five treatments in various body areas...

I have had five treatments in various body areas with absolutely no results..even the clinitian said I had no result. I am wondering if other people with the same problem contacted the provider and received any compensation. I do not think they accurately program the laser, they start it so low that you can't possibly get a result.
Laser Cosmetica

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Jsimmons, where are you located? is there a section on this website that leads me to your contact info? See if you can send me a private message. Thank you.
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Nancy, I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Accent XL was disappointing. You mentioned having 5 treatments in various body areas. If you had fewer than 3 treatments in a given area, that may be the reason for the lack of results. I advise my patients that they will typically need 3-6 treatments in a given treatment area, depending on how much change they are wanting to see. You may see improvement after 1-2 treatments, but often more sessions are required to see the degree of improvement that is desired. Cellulite is particularly challenging, and usually requires 6 treatments.
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