Loved It, Not Painful at All

I was very scared due to some comments I'd read on...

I was very scared due to some comments I'd read on internet websites complaining about the excessive heat associated with this process. I'm a complete baby when it comes to pain and heat (even hate hot summer days!) so I shared my concerns with the {edited}. They walked me though the entire process and reassured me there was no pain involved. The treatment turned out to be SO fabulous, comfortable and almost like a calming spa treatment! I didn't believe them when they told me some of their patients actually fall asleep during treatments but now I'm a believer. Kind of like falling asleep in a very mild tanning bed....I'm looking forward to the sessions on my legs and stomach and wish I could space them closer together. I'm raring to go and cannot say enough postitive things about this process.
So would I!
DianaPDX, have you had other sessions since your writing of March 28th? I'm considering the Accent myself and would love to hear from you the results you are noticing if any. Thanks

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