Good Results So Far, but It Was Painful

I had my first Accent Laser treatment on March...

I had my first Accent Laser treatment on March 18th on my stomach. It was VERY painful at times, but it didn't take long at all. I think the longest the laser was on me was for a minute and a half. I had it done at 5 PM and the next morning I could see results, I see even more today. I was really red right after, but that all went away in an hour or two. I have my next treatment scheduled in three weeks. I bought a package of 5 treatments as well as the undergarment that I was advised to wear 3-4 times a week for 4-6 hours at a time.
I am looking on getting accent done on my stomach and was wondering if you have any before & after photos you can post. Thank you
Hi Joey- I am thinking about having this done and I know there is only one provider in Chantilly, so I am sure it is the same provider. My question is- how did it all turnout after you finished your treatments and did it hurt as severe each time you went? thanks Valerie
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