Accent XL at Worked Great for Me! - Oklahoma City, OK

I got a super special and did arms 3 times. I saw...

I got a super special and did arms 3 times. I saw results immediately the key -be well hydrated at go.

BodyTrends Spa

I did a lot of research myself on Accent. The technician was very knowledgeable and was very diligent in her procedure. It was a great experience and I will go back for more.

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right now groupon for okc has a deal for this procedure at body trends for $99
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Where in OKC did you go? I know Body Trends has it, but is there another place that has it?
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Yes. I had loose skin, cellulite and just excess fatty tissue. I had considered lipo on them but just did not want the scars. My arms have always been genetically large for the rest of my body. So I figured why not try this. I saw results that day. My friends have all asked me about it because it is a big change. My sessions were about 40 minutes each. I drank 4 bottles of water before my treatments. If you are not well hydrated you get mixed results. I am very happy and will be getting more done this way.
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when you say worked on the arms, do you mean arm fat, cellulite, loose skin?

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