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I met a gal who has been doing this for many years...

I met a gal who has been doing this for many years and actually trains doctors. I am currently doing my legs for hair removal and she asked me to be her "model" for a training session with a doctor for the Accent. I accepted and it was free.

I must say, I noticed a "marked" difference immediately. I am 42 years old and although I look younger than most at 42, within one week I kept looking better and better; I looked younger; prettier and refreshed! I can honestly say that it took a couple of years off my face! Since then, she asked me to do it again for another free demo and of course I went for it... once again, same results.

A note on this: the results were definitely visible but not long lasting as it was only one treatment with a long period in between. Of course this is probably also due to my terrible lifestyle (I smoke regularly and drink alcohol) but no doubt these would last longer if I changed that and if I didn't wait 3 months in between treatments.

I did not feel pain for the most part, except when she would concentrate in areas with very little fat such as the forehead and felt like a curling or flat iron burn! Did not leave any marks (and shouldn't) as this laser is radio-wave based, not real heat. If you get burns or anything remotely like a burn then I would ask you to check into the background of the person administering the procedure. They should be licensed and certified for this or could cause damage.

I am definitely going to do the package and then maintenance... was worth trying for free and look forward to looking younger!

does accent laser remove under eye bags.
Where would this woman recommend going in the Dallas metroplex, since she is a rep? I am interested in doing this on the body.
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I would recommend this provider because she is fully certified and provides training for doctors.

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