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I'm 54 & will be going through a civil mutual...

I'm 54 & will be going through a civil mutual separtion from my husband in the near future. I've been a 32A all my life and have always felt inadequate with my size & would like to be a 34C, I'm 5'1 and weigh approx. 105.

I've read many posts, some scary, some with great results. I have a few medical problems which I'm hoping will not be a problem. Guess I have a case of the jitters as the consult date approaches. I'm concerned about the time it takes to recover (active and love gardening, yard work which can be strenous) & pain involved. Any adice before my consult would be greatly appreciated.


I went and saw that same Docter. I know I needed a lift but he didn't want to give me one plus I had waited an hour between his surgeries to do a consult. I went back to another Docter I had seen years before. Always do more then one consult.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to read Walnut Creek's post about what she wishes she knew before her breast augmentation. I hope the consultation helps comfort you. And don't be afraid to go on two or three appointments to learn about different approaches.

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Dr. John Gonzales

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