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IPL Hair Removal is Good for People with Extremely Thick Hair and Fair Skin

I am a middle Eastern, I've done IPL on my legs...

I am a middle Eastern, I've done IPL on my legs and it worked well with the hair, then I got back to laser hair removal because its more effective but the worst issue associated with IPL and Laser hair removal is Pigmentation. Always make sure that the temperature is suitable and never handle tooo much pain because that is exactly why we get burned . Make sure that you tell your doctor when you feel so much pain. I handled the heat when I did my brazillian last time and I found out that the skin got burned .. I have pigmentation on my bikini area because of laser hair removal :( My biggest mistake was not going back to the clinic to check with them .. I thought that itll fade !! Another advice : avoid getting laser hair removal on dark areas .. there is no point of getting rid of the hair and getting darker skin !!!


Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear what happened. I really appreciate you sharing this because I did laser hair removal on my under arms and am considering it for my bikini line, so this is really helpful to keep in mind. Do you mind me asking if your laser hair removal was done at a dermatologist's office, or a medi-spa?

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It was a dermatologist office. I have to say that every time I did my laser I was very impressed with the results, except for that time when I noticed a change in the color. You shouldnt have a problem with it if your skin is fair .. the results are amazing if its done properly ! Try Soprano laser or any other advanced machine.. just dont go for IPL

Ah, ok thanks for letting me know that you think it has a lot to due with the pigment of a person's skin. I think the laser that was used on me was the LightSheer Duet, and like you said, really impressive!

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