Absolutely NOT Worth It

There is nothing good about this procedure. They...

There is nothing good about this procedure. They scar you and the lift lasts about 2 months with no visible difference. I spent alot of money and thank God I could afford it. These people take advantage of people. Go to a real specialist.

I read so many stories like yours ,and i do wonder if some doctors do a 'rush' job.? I went to Costa Rica to the Rosenstock clinic and its been a complete waste of money and not worth the pain. I swear they only lifted the skin and not the muscle,cause it lasted only a matter of months. the place was like a conveyor belt.
please let me know the name of the provider. thanks Kris
Name not provided

It just isn't worth it. They took two inches of flesh of each side of face and it took three weeks to recover and to get the bandages off. I am in excellent medical condition and don't smoke or drink and followed all the doctors advice. The results and the amount of money spent is worthless. Go to a expert and real doctor

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