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I just got rhinoplasty about 4 days ago. No pain,...

I just got rhinoplasty about 4 days ago. No pain, great recovery institute. Unfortunately it was pretty far from my town. Had a bump i wanted to get rid of, and narrow down the sides.

Most of the swelling has gone down, but i just recently discovered a bump, more like a sharp bone, under the corner of my eye/top of my nose. i am positive that this occurred after the surgery, could it be more swelling?

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Good doctor, so far.

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OMG i have the same thing i think. Are you talking about the place right between your eyes where the nose starts? I had my rhino about a week ago, cast came off 3 days ago and this area between my eyes the bone there is big, and i know it is swollen but when i touch it, it is hard like a bone and it is way bigger then what i had before.. I am crying :(( so scared..
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Hi Mbar, I would address this in the section labeled "ask a doctor". You posted your question as a review so you probably won't get much help. I'm not a doctor but will say from my research if it isn't a callous it could be bone fragments left behind. Good luck!
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