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Latisse Causes Cateracts and Other Facts They Dont Share - Abingdon, VA

I have used latisse and had legnth not thickening...

I have used latisse and had legnth not thickening of my lashes. My second bottle produced very little change to my thin short lashes as well as my third bottle. I stopped using it and luckily so. I am a licenced RN and esthetician.

One of my clients takes it for glaucoma, but is now suffering cateracts and is going blind.
I did my homework. Its a shame we cannot trust the FDA, thank goodness for google!


Wow, that is very interesting. Here is a Q&A where the doctors are saying Latisse should not be used for Glaucoma though:

Can I Use Latisse Instead of Lumigan for Glaucoma?

These Q&A's might also be of interest to you:

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