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I am scheduled for an implant swap - 330 cc saline...

I am scheduled for an implant swap - 330 cc saline for 425 cc silicone. My motivation for this surgery is for softer more natural feeling and looking breasts and for cleavage.

At my pre-op appt today the doctor measured my breasts and said we would use high profile implants to give me width so I could have cleavage. This seems to go against everything I have read -- I thought high profile was more narrow? Please help, I am freaking out a little.....

@daisy713....i am freaking out as well about the high profile! my surgery is wednesday, 2-13-13. this is my 4th breast implant. having a mommy makeover this time. implants were at 18, 27, 36, 51. the middle 2 were because of contracture and ??. this time is just to enlarge. i have always had natural/tear drop implants and absolutely loved one has ever known i have implants. i have a lot of loose skin to fill up this time. 2 pregnancies and nursed 2 babies and am 51! ps has ordered 500, 550, 600 high profile. i am more than a little concerned....with every phone call to the office...they tell me this is what i need to fill up the loose skin since i opted to not have a lift.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors have to say about high profile implants. I hope it helps. If you're concerned, definitely give your surgeon's office a call to clear up the confusion.

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