A Total Waste of Money

I had smart lipo on my abdomen - love handles and...

I had smart lipo on my abdomen - love handles and back - for the first few months I looked great other than the lumps that did not go away. After a year, I look like I did before the surgery.

Total waste of money. Do yourself a favor and get a tummy tuck instead.

Can you email me your Dr. I am shopping around for Dr.s and want to get as much information as possible!
In Costa Rica?? ,,, I ended up getting a tummy tuck from Dr. Kasden in Southlake. I seriously look awesome! I can send you a pic. Do not get lipo. Your skin will just sag and you will look like a deflated balloon down the road if you have had any kids. Not only that your fat will go somewhere else. Mine went to my thighs after lipo. I ended up doing mid face-lift in Costa Rica because the recovery time would have been to long for a tummy tuck and I didn't have the time to stay. If you are wanting a tummy tuck better to do it here than in Costa Rica because the cost savings just isn't that great and recovery is long and painful. There is no way I would have been able to get on a plane and carry my luggage etc. My total cost here was $6000. for everything and I look great.

{edited}. I would not recommend smart lipo to anyone. Complete waste of money. Smart lipo is for small areas. Oddly enough I am answering this from Costa Rica and getting a tummy tuck with lipo for half the price.

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