A Step-by-step Video of my LASIK Procedure!

I could not be happier with my surgery. My parents...

I could not be happier with my surgery. My parents were terrified of the idea of LASIK, which gave me all the more reason to choose the best surgeon I could possibly find. The procedure was quick and only mildly uncomfortable; this was because I already have unusually dry eyes.

I made a quick, fun, step-by-step video of it here:

Orange County Ophthalmologist

My doctor spent an exceptional amount of time to give me really great care.

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Moving this post out of the Lasik community until there's an update from AnnaYu

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What happened to the Video? Same thing. Got a message that "this video is private"
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Do you still have access to your LASIK video? I tried to watch it, but I just get a message that says "This video is private."

Bummer, because I haven't ever seen a LASIK procedure performed & would be interested to watch it!

Hope you are still happy with your results.

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