A Disaster with Radiesese

The doctor who injected my face filled my face...

The doctor who injected my face filled my face with more than eleven syringes.. 4 months have almost passed.. I still have serious problems.... I walked out of a med spa in San Fransisco looking like an abused victim... I have photos.. I am angry and embarrased at my appearance and speach.. he overfilled me to the point that radiesse and pus were errupting from a excrutiating infection on and in my nose.

i just got it done about a month ago and i hate one side of my face is bigger than the other i look deformed i wish i would have never done it im so scared because it feels like its traveling up to my eye on the right side my eye is starting to close does anyone know wht can be injected to get it out i hate myself for doing this im not even old yet i looked way better before someone please help!!!!!!!
Yes radiesse can be injected unevenly and since it's thick it can cause that none symmetrical look. It is also hard because each of our wrinkle has different depth. The worse thing is what you see right after the injection may not be what you end up with in a week after everything is settled. I would recommend you do your research and find a great artistic doctor and start small because you can always go back for more. you never want to over do it because it will last a year!
i hhave been lucky. I had it done 2 times now and I have been very satisfy with the result. it is a small miracle.
OMG I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am intersted in getting Radiesse but now I have to think twice. Do yoiu have photos?
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