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I am disappointed in the bright white spots that...

I am disappointed in the bright white spots that have appeared on my teeth! I was not aware that this could happen as a result of whitening.

I had my teeth whitened using zoom, and my teeth came out with white spots. I am going to get MI Paste to remineralize and even out the color. I plan to use MI Paste daily for three weeks. Should I avoid foods that may stain throughout the three weeks?


same here, saw the white spots, they said give it time, they never told me about the pain, i was in bed crying all night long, the day after still pain all day with surprising zings of pain :( will never recommend this to anyone... waste of $350.00!!
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The same thing happened to me. My teeth has white spots on them, and I am very disappointed. I am calling my dentist on Monday because I am not happy with the results.
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Forget about the so called "white smile" in one hour tactic your dentist tries to lure you with! Zoom is a total scam! My teeth have not only white spots but white frames around my teeth. The inner part of my teeth are a dull white! I work in film and was told from my dentist's office this would be a quick fix! Yeah right! More like starving for 3 days along with the Zingers from hell on the first day! I was very lucky I had a bottle of coedine around the house!
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