Zerona Laser for Fat Reduction Did Not Work

Zerona laser does not work or at least not for ...

Zerona laser does not work or at least not for men. I was already on a very controlled diet for 11 months prior to starting Zerona. I was very active and began a (documented) workout program with a personal trainer during the treatments.

For years I have drunk a minimum of 1/2 - 1 full gallon of water per day. I should have been ideal candidate (that's what the clinic owner told me). However after eight 1 hour treatments, I hadn't lost an ounce or any portion of an inch any where. The clinic owner quickly switched his story to telling me the difference between female fat cells and male fat cells. I, sadly, then realized that he had shown me lots videos/photos/results of women prior to the treatment.

He switched to total shyster mode as soon as he saw I had achieved no results. He would not even let me meet or talk by phone with the clinic MD without him present. So, what do you think he thought about my results? If he has any dispute of my results, there's always the photos and measurements his staff took. No arguing there!

Rocky Mountain Laser clinic

Absolutely not. Big Money. No results. Shady practices

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I had great results fom the zerona laser. I want to purchase one and open my own business. I can't find any information on the egalities and education needed to do this! I am certified to use a diode laser. I know that there are lasers that you can purchase and use with a MD reviewing medical histories but how about this one!!
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It will not work if you use it once. You should have a few session so that you can see the results. Zerona Laser Pittsburgh
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That's very sad. I did 12 sessions and lost 9 inches and was very happy with my results. I am a woman and I don't know if there is a difference in male or female fat cells. It worked for me but if it didn't work for you they should give you your money back.
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Jen28, what were your results after your first 6 treatments? Specifically in your waist and hips? And how old are you?
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there is a difference between male and female cells-in a way. males tend to lose more inches and get better longer lasting reults than women, not fair! but i own a lapex2000 laser and i have been very happy, my clients are happy.BUT,client selection is key, as well as diet and clients are counsled about diet,caloric intake and workout-sometimes people really just dont know what to do are are happy to be advised-we are not all gym heros.however you should have gotton at least 1/2 your money back or maybe even more free treatments untill you got results.that is be aware if anyone selling any laser is telling you its easy,permanet or are not pushing these treatments as only 1/3 the process. so dont give up, just find a better laser, better doctor and do your research online, on the machines,and the offices-be prepared to ask hard questions and if they cannot answer them-leave. good luck
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That's awful. I was considering Lapex- I think that's what it's called. It's a cold laser fat treatment in the UK. I'm really put off now :-(
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