Second Attempt at Accutane, Tried at Age 32 and 46

I have currently been on accutane for acne for...

I have currently been on accutane for acne for about one month. This is my second course, my first was 12 yrs ago. My skin is quite sensitive to a few existing products, for example, my cleanser. I am 46.

My skin is peeling a little but more annoyingly it is often very tight, even though I am moisturising it. I have fine wrinkles now where I smile if I do not moisturise several times a day. Is there a particular cream I can use to avoid this that will moisturise my skin all day and help prevent this?

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Aquaphor has a good moisturizing line as well & works well for chapped lips. I would also suggest anyone taking Accutane should also consider taking over the counter vitamin E 400 I.U. daily to combat dryness.
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I also recommend taking over the counter vitamin E 400 I.U. every day along with the Accutane to help combat dry skin. Aquaphor also makes a good line of moisturizers.
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I use oil free nuetrogena night cream at night and intence day cream during the day i have only been on it for 2 weeks but am already peeling but no tightness at all just my lips are making me crazy!! any suggestions for that!!
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Absolutely just advice (as everyone’s skin is so different) but while I was on Accutane on my dry days I used Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for All Skin Types and it really did the trick. It is great for sensitive skin. I never experienced any irritation using it; not even on chapped and red skin (that can be common with Accutane). It really does moisturize very well (almost too well for my now normal-oily skin). Good luck!
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