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Wrinkles After a 20% TCA Peel for Acne Scars

My sister say it will help my acne scars. She...

My sister say it will help my acne scars. She bought it from a website. my skin just looks horrible now. There are wrinkles all over my face and it is very uncomfortable

I did a 20% TCA peel last week and now have wrinkles all over my face and also cracks. It is literally all over my face. It seem like I have aged 20 years. I don't think I want to do another procedure. I just want my skin back to normal. Will the skin go back to normal by itself? What cream can I use to speed up the process and how long will it take?
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I agree with JTalpha7 - you have to take the time to prep the skin and, depending on your skin type, this can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years or more. You first have to start with reducing uneven pigmentation with triluma, obagi, or something similar - this takes at least 2 months (depending on your level and types of pigmentation). Then start with a mild peel like pumpkin or glycolic once every two weeks - again, at least 2 months (4 treatments). Step up to a medium glycolic peel every two weeks - you guessed it, two months (4 treatments). NOW the skin is prepped for a deeper peel like TCA - but should be done by a professional due to how deep the TCA goes.
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That is because TCA peels should never be bought and administered without knowing the source and proper protocol for application. Preconditioning and prepping the skin is required 100% before a 20% should be applied. Please see a dermatologist immediately and wear sunscreen SPF 30 Broad Spectrum to avoid post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (brown spots)
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TCA peels can be very strong. Most medium depth peels take up to two weeks to see skin "go back to normal". I am a licensed esthetician. TCA peels and any peel over 10% should NEVER be performed by an untrained novice. In some staes only medical professional can administer TCA peels. There are many contraindications with peels and if you are not knowledgable about skin anatomy you can damage skin permanently. People try to save $$$ by doing it themselves and end up not getting the most benefits from the peel or worse, permanently scarring themselves or someone else. My advice if your skin does not get better is to go to a dermatologist and find out what you did wrong. Good luck.

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