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Worried Smart Lipo Patient

After three years of battling with the belly bulge...

After three years of battling with the belly bulge after my baby, I decided to do smart lipo on upper and lowere abs. I had it done on Friday and thought I would be able to go to work today, but no luck, still sore. I can't see much diff, my tummy is swollen and i can hardly touch it!

When should I be able to see some diference? HELP!!!!

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Where are you getting this information about the fat particles? I searched through a handful of pages on Google and couldn't find anything about it. Mich34 - How much was taken out, do you know? My procedure was pretty extreme. I had 3000cc taken out, at least 2000cc of that was pure fat. I had extreme love handles and a big ol' pooch belly. I noticed a difference immediately but I am not even on week one yet. Throw some pictures up of your before and progression. It helps yourself to judge your results.
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You're not the only one unhappy with spending huge amounts on a bad procedure. Independent researchers are worried that smartlipo could be dangerous if a fat particle ends up elsewhere since there is nothing to dissolve it. They believe it could be fatal if it happens.
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Ok, thank you. I was under the impression that I would see a small difference after surgery as other peopl have done. Thank you for your comment, it makes me feel a bit better.
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At first, you may even feel as though the process worked in reverse. There will be swelling which may make the areas treated look even bigger. You may initially notice that you pants size has increased by an inch or two. Again this is swelling. Even though your doctor may have suctioned out the liquified fat, there are still cells under the skin that coagulated and now your body is ridding itself of this material. By about 4 weeks you will see a marked improvement. By about three months, you will have a very good idea of what the final result is. You will continue the slimming process for up to nine months. Be patient and good luck!
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Your Doctor must have told you that it takes 3-4 weeks to see any results, and 3-6 month for maximum results. So, I suggest have some patience. Soreness to touch may also last for about a month. So don't worry.
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