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Why Wont Botox Work for Me Between Eyes-forehead

I have tried botox 2 times within a week, and it...

I have tried botox 2 times within a week, and it never seemed to take.

The first time I had what my Dr Called a "typical" amount for the forehead and between the eyes. Two days later I came back becasue it was as if nothing had been injected-although I had TONS of bruises- I am a Redhead-Dark Auburn- Fair Skin.
So my Dr put twice the amount in two days later and after 3 days again_NOTHING.

He said he has seen that only a few times and that maybe I have a fast metabolism-although I dont think so, I am not the type that can eat anyting and not gain weight, but then again I dont know how to measure my metabolism.

Radiesse and Restalyn work around my nasial folds and mouth but Botox was a HUGE waste of money.

The injections Hurt Like Heck- Bruised in every single injection site-although I am fair skined and thin skin.. maybe that matters I have two massive wrinkles on each side of my inner eyebrow- so there are 4 deepset wrinkles there and my Dr said that Radiesse or Restlyn is not able to be used in that area unless botox is used first- but botox literally dissipates on me. The Dr was and is great but the botox is my issue.

Any idea why? Thanks.
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The Dr is great

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Botox takes 5 days to start working and peaks in two weeks. The fact that your Dr. injected you again in 2 days tells me he does not understand Botox or he Knew something else. I see my patients in two weeks after injection to check on the function. Even for frown lines some times other muscles come to play and have to observe that before injection and analyze the action of the muscles then inject those muscles , If your Dr misses that then you will still have a frown.
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I agree with Sharon's advise. Or try another doc. Regards Dr. Blinski, Miami
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It's pretty rare to be immune to Botox. More common possibilities that may make Botox not work are 1.) the dilution of Botox, and 2.) injector missing the key muscle groups.

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