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Botox for Deep Forehead Furrows - Why is It Fading Within a Few Weeks?

I love botox! I was so reluctant to do it because...

I love botox! I was so reluctant to do it because i did nto want to look fake or unnatural.

I started botox sept 2009. The results were astounding for me. I am a fit 39 yo mother of 2 that takes great care of herself. Problem is I am very expressive and have deep forehead furrows and very deep line between the brows.

When my derm finally convinced me to do botox for my 20th high school reunion I was reluctant but I did it and the result were ASTOUNDING! I looked so good, my forehead looked smooth but natural, not fake or harsh. i loved it. I was 38 when I did it and the response was amazing! I looked great and men were responding to me like I was 30 again. At my high school reunion I can say that I was one of the more confident attendees there. I love it also because i do not wear makeup so i want a clean smooth look.

Problem was, I needed MANY boosters to keep it up. I seem to fade within weeks of my treatment. I got treated in May with about 3 boosters. She made me wait until I was completely free of botox before I got it again, Sept 22 2009. I needed a booster w/in a week.

It is now Oct 16 and 2/3 of my forehead completely needs more botox. There is movement and the top 2 out of my 3 deep furrows are back. Am I wrong to request more boosters? I get platitudes like : you have strong forehead muscles or: you are testing it too much to see if it's working when I ask why it fades too fast.

Please help me understand why I am experiencing this and what i can need to do to improve my botox experience. My husband isn't going to put up with endless botox injections at these prices! Thanks!
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My dermatologist has been in the area for about 17 years, and her father is a world renowned skin specialist as well. I trust her and her staff. Very professional. I have seen her off and on for other thing for over 10 years. i only just took the botox plunge a year ago at age 38.

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I will tell you that I had botox recently and nada -- I am SO convinced that some docs might dilute it too much, for sure. Because the other doc I see ALWAYS gave me strong, sure, and long-lasting results. I am so pissed, since Botox is pricey and I am not at all rich. I will not be going back to that doc, even though he does a great job on the fillers I want. It's kind of like when you go to one hairdresser for color and a different one for cut, after you learn the hard way who does the best job of each. Wish I could find a doc who does both fillers and botox well, but man am I pissed.
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I do not know how many units. I never thought to ask!
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Hey-how many units are you getting?
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Well, I did not want to say anything like that because I just would not know. I can only speak for myself, what I have read and been told. It is hard to think bad thoughts when you trust someone. I wonder if you asked a question of the doctors in the question area to get their response? I wish you were in my area I would send you to my provider. I am sure it is different for everyone but after reading your story I thought there is just no freaking way it should wear off that quickly over and over. I am overly expressive when I talk-almost to the point of looking stupid I am told. You would think with all that facial movement mine would wear off quickly also. I am just thinking maybe another providers opinion may be in order?
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Well, I had heard that before, that you are training the muscles. I am wondering if my derm dilutes her botox too much. My sister says hers lasta about 5 months.
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It is my understanding through tons of reading and what my Doctor told me is that you do not want to let the botox wear off all the way before injecting again. You are trying to train it. If you wait till it all wears off you are starting from scratch. Just as soon as I start to see movement I go back. Less and less has been needed each time and my treatments last longer each time. I don't like to say it but I would find someone else to inject you.
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I'm the original poster, I wanted to make a correction: I started Botox in September 2008.
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