Why Are my Flanks Bigger After Smart Lipo?

Some areas are smaller, some are larger, I did it...

Some areas are smaller, some are larger, I did it to improve my figure, I had troublesome fiber fat that was hard to lose on my own.

2+ weeks ago I had smart lipo on my chest, stomach, and flanks (I'm a guy by the way). Right now I'm discouraged because my flanks (especially near the thigh and buttocks) are bigger then they were before, this is giving me a really strange figure. When will my flanks go down? And is it normal for an area to be bigger for 2+ weeks after smart lipo?

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I am 9 weeks post op and of all the areas I had done (arms, abs, flanks, inner thighs)I have to say the flank area still has the most pain & swelling. Still its tolerable. Its a little sore to the touch and there's a burning sensation if I stretch too much. But I can vouch for the fact that the flank area has recovered the slowest. Hopefully, for the both of us, it is true that the final shape is still yet to be realized.
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I had smart lipo on may 22 and while I do not have the problem of my flanks being bigger, I have heard from others that said that this was a problem area for swelling, and that it took awhile to resolve.
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