What Can Cause Thermage Poor Results?

I had thermage and after two days I needed...

I had thermage and after two days I needed anaesthesia and pain releivers. Could this be the reason thermage did not work well on me?

Could anaesthesia and pain relievers prevent thermage from working right?
Maree-anne who was your provider? I did thermage at 44 ,I didn't need a facelift only a refresh look and some tighten on my skin. The result" NONE" This was a few years ago. I am very tolerant to pain but this procedure was so painfull and expensive!
I am sixty years old and have had the Thermage treatment twice. My results have been fantastic and I was completely informed about the procedure and the outcome. I never found it painful and certainly did not experience any discomfort afterwards. I have three friends that have had the treatment done and all are very happy with the outcome. We were made very aware that this was not a facelift but a procedure that can freshen and tighten the skin. The doctor spent alot of time explaining and allowing me to make the decision. I'm sorry your experience has been so traumatic, I think this procedure is fantastic, it seems to me that you may not have been right or you had someone not doing it right.
Thermage results would not be affected by anesthesia or pain relievers. To get Thermage results that work, you need to have a very knowledgeable trained professional performing the treatment and you need to have sufficient pulses. Anything less than 900 for a full face will likely not give the response you hoped for. Multiple passes, direction of treatment passes...many factors play into Thermage success. Why you needed pain relievers is a mystery unless your energy levels were set too high for your skin. Typically your treatment nurse will be asking you all during the procedure what your pain levels are and this will determine how high the settings are maintained. If your pain threshold is so low as to require energy levels at sub-effective level, then you may not have been a good candidate.
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I did not see results. I want to know the reasons.

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