Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds & Cheeks - Not As Painful As I Anticipated

I had been thinking about getting fillers in my...

I had been thinking about getting fillers in my nasolabial folds for a while now, and after doing a lot of research and trying to weigh out the pro's and cons, I decided to go for it. During my consultation the doctor suggested I get a bit of filler in my cheeks as well.

So far I am quite happy with my results. Its only been about an hour and a half since I got the injections and so far so good. I have a tiny bruise on my right cheek that is totally hidden with a little bit of concealer. I was most surprised at how tolerable it was! Just a couple of little pricks from the needle was all I felt, and that was about it. I think my doctor used Juvederm ultra plus with the pain killer mixed in.

Overall, I'd have to say that my experience so far, has exceeded my expectations. I've contemplated about getting restylane or juvederm for over a year now, and after doing a lot of research, I am glad I did it! I only put "undecided" because its only been a couple of hrs since I had it done so I hope tomorrow it will look just as good if not better! I was scared from reading so many bad reviews here that I thought I would never get fillers, but my doctor made sure I was comfortable during the whole procedure. He let me decide the whole way how much filler I wanted. I asked a million questions, and he answered them all and reassured me that they would take care of any possible complications, should their be any, free of charge. So my advice to those that are contemplating but are scared, do your research, and make sure it is an experienced doctor that injects you!


Yes, a bit of bruising showed up the second nite, but it was really little that I could easily cover up with make up. Right now those new little bruises that showed up by my laugh lines are completely gone, however the one on my cheek is still faintly visible. Also, I felt a bit of tenderness on my cheeks a few days later whenever I smiled, which I didn't feel on the first 2-3 days, but that is also gone now. I can definitely see improvement, but now that the swelling is all gone, I think I should have gotten a bit more injected. I can still see my laugh lines faintly...not sure if it was worth the $750, but I am definitely happier, so guess thats all that matters!
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Just interested how you went did you have swelling and bruising ? I have heard this happens on day 2. Thanks
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He was very patient and thorough. Made suggestions, but wasn't pushy. He actually recommended for me to stop when I thought maybe I wanted more. I am glad I listened because I still look very natural, just more refreshed!

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