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Botox in Forehead - I Can Hear the Botox Moving!

I have had Botox before with no side effects...

I have had Botox before with no side effects whatsoever. However, this time I could feel the liquied being injected even when the doctor was doing it with the needle, like if he was injecting air as well. Now I have a little lump that makes the noise of liquied flowing when I touch it.

I have just had Botox in my forehead and when I touch the area I can hear kind of noises. When I touch the little lumps I can hear something simmilar to liquid moving, is this normal? I am quite scared because I had Botox before but theses symptoms never occured to me.
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Question: BOTOX ® in Forehead – I can Hear the BOTOX ® Moving? Answer: I have no rational explanation for hearing BOTOX ® move in the forehead. The injections are actually only saline with microscopic amount of BOTOX ®. This saline should absorb within one to two hours and then it is gone.
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