Pearl Laser Treatment for Melasma. Absolutely Devastating and Destroying

I had 3 Pearl laser treatments done on my face for...

I had 3 Pearl laser treatments done on my face for melasma. It ruined my face. Not only did it not clear up my melasma but it made it worse. It scarred my face as well. It also got infected and I had to spend a week in the hospital as well. I am now left with my face in far worse condition, scars and a huge bill not only from the place that did it but from the hospital as well. I have to wear very expensive make up and continue to put creams on it months after the treatments just to go out.

It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Had I known this could have been one of the outcomes, I NEVER would have done it. And the worst thing is, there is nothing more that I can do, I am left with my face looking like this.

Rebound hyperpigmentation is sometimes a side effect of Pearl and it's unfortunate. Do you have a darker skin type? Cosmelan is very effective in treating Melasma. It comes in different strengths, you should check with this website:, that is the company that makes it and find an authorized distributer. It sounds like the place you had your treatment did not help you much afterwards. Look for a doctor with a good reputation. It might be worth the trip to drive to Seattle, my experience has been the better places are near big cities.
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I believe that all facts were not presented. I was told "the treatment will be a permenant sure for my condition."

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