Velasmooth and Lipodissolve for Cellulite - What a Scam!

I turned 57 and apted to have some work done on my...

I turned 57 and apted to have some work done on my upper thighs to lessen dimples in my thigh area that was noticiable through my pants, even after my spanx.

The center exzamed me with and without clothing, and said I would love my resultes after my many treatment under their velasmooth package. I was given the prices for 10 to 16 treatment plan. I opted to try 10 first because I did not want to scamed and stuck paying for 16 treatment when I was not seeing any results. Good move for me, after ten treatment, the dimples and cellulite where no less noticible.

At about 8 treatment of velesmooth I was so disappointed I cried openly at the treatment. I was then given what was cause a boost to decrease my fat cells in the area. This was the lipodissolve treatment,at least 20 painful pricks with a needle to my areas of fat, that left me bruised, swoolen and unable to fit in my slacks.

Now I am lumpy,in pain and broke 2 months after my treatment. I should have left well enough alone. These people could care less after they recieved my hard earned money. I am so embarressed and disappointed in ccosmetic enhancments,I am now the poster girl in my circle for what not to try!


Oh that is horrible! I do not know one single person who has had luck with this. I had "liposculpture" on my arms so I could wear tank tops. Now I won't leave the house with no less than elbow sleeve tops. It was the most painful experience of my life, and I've had natural childbirth! And you're right, they don't care at all! I paid a lot of money to look horrible. I feel so stupid. Why do we women keep doing this to ourselves? Is anyone going to love us any less because we have a few extra pounds? Well, lesson learned, at least I didn't do anything to my face, can't cover that up!
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The old bait and switch, I was showed pictures of before and after shots of the velasmooth results. I am 5'7 182lbs and my before pictures look better than the after picture. They also gave me one lipodissolve treatment to jumpstart my results. No such luck, and they did not even do a follow up call to see if the look got better with time, after the healing! WHAT A SCAM!

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