VelaShape... Just Had my First Treatment on Thighs

I purchased a series of 6 treatments for $900. I...

I purchased a series of 6 treatments for $900. I had my first treatment last night on my thighs - front, back and outer.

Overall the treatment wasn't more than mildly uncomfortable, although there were a few time the "massage" portion felt like a deep tissue massage. It wasn't quite painful, but I didn't want to keep doing it very long.

24 hours after the first treatment, there is no noticeable difference in cellulite on my thighs. They feel marginally firmer, much like after a long run.

I will keep updating after each treatment.

thanks for the updates guys....i had my first velashape treatment...want to really know how long does a session of a velashape last...i was told 30 mins...but i was told done in 15 min as they reached the 42 d celcius within 7 mins on each of the side of my buttocks...wud appreciate if i cud know how long does your last?
Hello MtnBird,

Yes, I did go through with Velashape. I had 5 session and I am happy with the results. I only had it done on my abdomen and after the procedure (5 sessions), I did notice improvement on my skin, less bumpiness, less loose skin and it reduced a pocket of fat I had developed after lipo, significantly. My skin now looks smoother and tighter, I think it may have helped with the stretch marks too, less noticeable. I do recommend it, but don't expect a major difference. I am happy with the result, but would not pay for this procedure again. I also believe it is only a temporary fix, I can see my skin slowly going back to how it was...bumpy and loose. I will continue to exercise and eat healthy instead. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. :)


Hi Jackelly -- Glad to hear you got good results from Velashape. It'd be so helpful if you could also post a review of your experience. Thanks in advance. :)

Avanti Skin Care Clinic

The technician was patient and explained all of my many questions.

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