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VelaShape... Just Had my First Treatment on Thighs

I purchased a series of 6 treatments for $900. I...

I purchased a series of 6 treatments for $900. I had my first treatment last night on my thighs - front, back and outer.

Overall the treatment wasn't more than mildly uncomfortable, although there were a few time the "massage" portion felt like a deep tissue massage. It wasn't quite painful, but I didn't want to keep doing it very long.

24 hours after the first treatment, there is no noticeable difference in cellulite on my thighs. They feel marginally firmer, much like after a long run.

I will keep updating after each treatment.

Avanti Skin Care Clinic

The technician was patient and explained all of my many questions.

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thanks for the updates guys....i had my first velashape treatment...want to really know how long does a session of a velashape last...i was told 30 mins...but i was told done in 15 min as they reached the 42 d celcius within 7 mins on each of the side of my buttocks...wud appreciate if i cud know how long does your last?
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Hello MtnBird,

Yes, I did go through with Velashape. I had 5 session and I am happy with the results. I only had it done on my abdomen and after the procedure (5 sessions), I did notice improvement on my skin, less bumpiness, less loose skin and it reduced a pocket of fat I had developed after lipo, significantly. My skin now looks smoother and tighter, I think it may have helped with the stretch marks too, less noticeable. I do recommend it, but don't expect a major difference. I am happy with the result, but would not pay for this procedure again. I also believe it is only a temporary fix, I can see my skin slowly going back to how it was...bumpy and loose. I will continue to exercise and eat healthy instead. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. :)

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Hi Jackelly -- Glad to hear you got good results from Velashape. It'd be so helpful if you could also post a review of your experience. Thanks in advance. :)

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Please keep posting any improvements....I am considering velashape. Has anyone had it after a bad lipo? After lipo, I was left with lots of dimples, ridges and loose sking. I am hoping Velashape can correct the problem. Has anyone use Velashape for correcting a bad lipo in the abdomen area? :)
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I have just finished six treatments on my legs (especially the knees), stomach and arms. I am very pleased with results. Noticible. Have had lipo on stomach and legs, but did not like the result. think I need more Velvasmooth, but can really see the difference
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I had a bad lipo experience. I am not heavy - about 108-110. i ended up with a "divot" or two on my legs and VERY saggy skin. this was 5 years ago and the sagging skin is continuing to get worse as I age.
i just found out about VelaShape and am very excited about the prospect of at the very least, tightening my skin.
Jackelly, did you ever go thru with the procedure? What was your result? (and how's the cost?)
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When I first got on this sight all I saw was negative post and was thinking of canceling my appointment on Monday. After reading your post I'm excited again about going to my consultation.
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Thanks for the updates, This is something I am very interested in and have been trying to find someone's personal experience before going forward.
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Yesterday I had treatment 4 of 6. I'm starting to get excited about this. I'm definitely noticing an improvement, especially on the back of my legs. My rear seems a bit higher and the little pockets of fat that sit under my bum on the back of my thighs don't resemble speed bumps any more. The cellulite above my knees on the front of my thighs is changing as well. It smoothed to the texture of an orange peel instead of cottage cheese. Obviously, not model perfect but greatly improved. I have realistic expecatations and I can't wait to post before and after pictures.
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Beinoble, Thanks for your posts. Keep posting! Im really looking for something that reduces the cellulite appearance on my thighs. Im a yoga teacher/ belly dancer. I work out often and eat very very healthily. However, I still have that cellulite. I have had it since I was very young. I am considering investing in a therapy but am unsure which one. Thanks again for sharing your experiences & results.
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Two days after my third treatment. I have started to notice some changes. There is a slight reduction of cellulite on the front of my thighs. There is a measureable difference in the pockets of fat between my bum and the back of my thighs. The treatments are getting more comfortable; they feel like a really good massage now. I'm keeping an open mind and looking forward to completing the treatments.
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Two hours after my second treatment. This treatment was much the same as the first. The massage portion of the treatment felt great on one leg but bordered on uncomfortable on the other. My theory is that the areas with more cellulite are more tender than those without. I haven't noticed any change in size but I have noticed a very subtle difference in the little pocket of fat where my bum rests on the back of my thighs. It's too early to tell if there's really a difference or it's just wishful thinking. Eagerly awaiting treament number 3, next Monday.
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