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I had my first velashape appointment on Saturday. ...

I had my first velashape appointment on Saturday. I'm surprised at the reviews that say it hurt ... it didn't hurt at all! The machine itself felt like a massage on my legs. It got hot at times, but the girl doing it just moved it to the next area when i told her it was hot ... no big deal. It was quite comfortable!

Believe it or not I can see results in 1 visit. My skin feels tighter and the cellulite on the back of my legs is a lot less than it was.

I suggest this to anyone ... I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of treatments and what I will see!!

Eric Lynch, Lockport Medspa

Very trustworthy and pleasant

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I went to {edited} in Lockport NY. Its a spa so a doctor didn't do it but that was awhile ago so i'm not sure who does it now.

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Hi Kburgio...would love to know the place u went to and doc name.
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I live in Lockport New York and went to {edited}. The doctor's name is {edited}.

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who did your procedure
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great, may i ask if u diet and exercised while on the treatments, and did u lose weight while on them also? i heard green tea detox supplemnts u should take too, did u do anything like that?
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A big key is to drink a lot of water after the treatment to flush out your system. I'm not sure about the green tea but I could see that working. I've always eaten right and exercised and was fit from the beginning, but i did have a lot of cellulite regardless of me being in shape.
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so how many have u had now and what do u think?
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I have had 8 sessions. I've lost an inch and a half on the lower thigh and a a half inch on the upper thigh. My cellulite is reduced by at least half. I'm happy with the results
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